The Voort Guide

The Multivoort

A voort is an entire universe, or dimension. Voorts are layered next to each other like layers of an onion.  That is a simplified way of looking at it, and it’s not exactly how it works, but it’s probably the best way of describing it.  Each voort is subtly different from the one next to it, so the further voorts are from each other in the multivoort, the more different they are.

Voort Monsters

Voort Monsters exist in all voorts, and come in all shapes and sizes.  Monsters possess a wide array of abilities and powers.  Many voort monsters can even boost into stronger forms for a short time.  There are six monster types: Normal, Fire, Flying, Ground, Water, and of course Laser.


All of the voorts can be accessed through a voortBox.  A monsters MultiVoort coordinates can be stored when they are defeated, and this can be used to pull them from wherever they are in the MultiVoort.  Voortboxes create a pocket outside of time and space, and any monster pulled into this pocket would only remember it as a distant dream. It is unclear as to exactly how voortboxes are made or how they work.

A note from the voortbox creator Ali Book:


To be what is not, to knot all sorts of whatnot.  It can only be created when not being created within the minimum multi-verse accountability without exceeding the maximum minimum.  If one thinks they can create it, then they can’t, if one thinks they can not then they will not.  Noting notches in the multi-special timing canopy, certain jumps of a nature that will only allow for the temporary temporal removal of an object can be possible.  Collapse is always eminent, and this will be contained and redistributed throughout the multi-special timing canopy.


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